Walking and Talking Therapy

People have had to put off coming to face-to-face counselling because of Covid-19, but you can now consider having counselling at this moment when you might need it most with walking and talking therapy. It allows you to be in the open air and “socially distanced”. Utilising the healing power of Nature with the healing process of counselling. 

One of the beautiful parks used by Kanzan Counselling for walking and talking therapy


There are many beautiful country parks, nature reserves, woodlands and gardens within the Essex area. Together we can explore which area you are drawn to for your sessions.

Great Outdoors

Some people don’t feel as comfortable sitting face to face in a counselling room as they do when in the outdoors walking, shoulder to shoulder.  Others just feel happier outdoors. Not only that, walking out in the countryside is a great way to relax.  Conversation can flow easily as we walk, or we can just sit in a quiet area. You can set the pace.  

About Walking and Talking Therapy

Walking in nature can lower heart rate and blood pressure and release endorphins. (chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain) Just being outside utilises the healing power of nature, reduces our levels of stress and anxiety.

I have found walking and talking therapy effective with people of all ages. Less active clients can follow a gentle pace, or even sit and talk, it is also a good alternative to being in my counselling room, outside there is a sense of freedom.

I believe nature is intrinsically good for the soul, whether we are troubled or not, but especially so when we are struggling with problems. Perhaps you might have tried traditional counselling and it was not for you, walking and talking could be an excellent alternative.

Sessions are conducted all through the year, and the only exception to this is extreme weather conditions such as high winds, heat waves or heavy snow. Sensible and comfortable footwear is essential, and a waterproof coat.

Our first session will be on-line or in my therapy room. During this session, we can explore what you need from counselling and If we are in agreement, we can arrange our next session outdoors.