Relationship Counselling

Humans are naturally sociable; they enjoy the company of others and want positive interactions and meaningful friendships. Good relationships are important for our wellbeing and mental health, which means when our relationships suffer, our health and happiness is also affected.

A male and female hand meeting together to make a heart sign


In the workplace, having good relationships with colleagues and others in work is valuable for wellbeing and career development. There is a sense of freedom to having good relationships, rather than spending time and energy overcoming relationship issues, you are able to focus on your work and enjoy the time you spend there.


Good relationships don’t come automatically. They require a great deal of energy, time and hard work and social skills to stay strong and last. Sometimes these relationships break down, leaving us feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of ourselves.

About Relationship Counselling

All relationships are unique, to have a strong and healthy connection with someone involves trust, mutual respect and good communication.

Relationship counselling can help you talk about your concerns and your needs, and explore what you want from your relationships, this can involve issues in families, friendships and couples. This can be anything from a poor relationship with a parent or partner, friendship difficulties or even your relationships at work. You can learn more about yourself whilst also receiving the support and guidance you may need.

Relationships maintained over the long term, can provide you with a solid emotional base for pursuing your dreams and the support can help you get over setbacks, such as stress or trauma. This can lead to personal growth, to be more appreciative of life and help you to strive to be the best you can be.